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Along the Lines

The live lecture/performance is an ongoing artistic project conceived and developed by Eva Karczag and Bettina Neuhaus

Bettina Neuhaus & Eva Karczag, Vapour Sketches, 2015
Photo detail: Luca S

About the lecture/performance


Along the Lines is an ever-growing visual map whose placement and presentation becomes a performative act.

The map consists of people, techniques, concepts and places that have impacted our creative and performance practices, and our pedagogic activities. These continue to inform and inspire us in our current work.

Since 2015, we have presented Along the Lines in various contexts.

Our next live lecture performance will take place on 5th May 2024 at Studio Hrdinu, Prague curated and facilitated by CreWcollective.
More information you find here.

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Web version of the project

In this digital version of Along the Lines, we invite visitors to journey into the complex interconnected webbing of post-Judson dance, and explore for themselves the richness and diversity of this small, yet fertile area of dance.

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B_Portrait_1_DSC01476 copy 2.jpg

Bettina Neuhaus


Has been working in the field of performance internationally for 3 decades, collaborating with dancers, musicians, visual artists, poets and lighting designers.

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Eva's Headshot 2014 BW copy_edited_edited.png

Eva Karczag


Creates and performs solo and collaborative work internationally. Advocates for explorative methods of dance making that are informed by improvisational and mindful body practices.

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Since 2009, we have been collaborating on performance projects, lectures and co-teaching workshops.

This web version of Along the Lines has been supported by


Grateful thanks to Veronika Sifter for her enthusiasm and assistance; to Albert-László Barabási / BarabasiLab and Yessica Herrera for the initial thrust they gave us in bringing this web version of Along the Lines into existence; and to Clarinde Wesselink for her generous support in the final stages of completing it.


Photo credits: Luca_S photos taken at DOCK 11, Berlin ; Margherita Dello Sbarba ; Susan Sentler Patrick Beelaert ; Elma Riza ; Jim Coleman ; Sarah Damminga ; Iris Boer 

Limited liability

Eva Karczag and Bettina Neuhaus make every effort to update and/or supplement the content of the Website as often as possible. Despite this care and attention, it is possible that content is incomplete and/or incorrect. The materials presented on the Website are offered without any form of guarantee or claim to accuracy. These materials may change at any time without prior notice from Eva Karczag and Bettina Neuhaus. For hyperlinks to websites or services of third parties on the Website, Eva Karczag and Bettina Neuhaus can never accept any liability.

Eva Karczag and Bettina Neuhaus assume no responsibility or liability for any injuries or losses that may result from practicing any of the techniques mentioned on this website. The reader assumes all risks in practicing any of the techniques mentioned on this website. 

This disclaimer may change from time to time without notice.

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