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Bettina Neuhaus 


 Bettina Neuhaus in The WORKS – Making and Performing (2021) with Julyen Hamilton

photo: Patrick Beelaert

Bettina Neuhaus is an Independent Dance Artist, teacher and mentor based in Amsterdam, active in the field of performance and theatre for more than 3 decades. 
She holds a Master Degree in Creative Practice Professional Pathway from Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance in partnership with Independent Dance, London. 

Bettina studied dance at the Theatre School in Amsterdam and Skinner Releasing Technique (SRT) with Joan Skinner (2001-2004) in Seattle. She is a certified SRT teacher at both Introductory and Ongoing levels. Her earlier studies at the Folkwang University of Arts in Essen (1985-89) in music and movement education gave her access to the infinite layers of listening and the richness that rhythm, stillness, sound, resonance and musicality bring to both playing music and dancing. 

Her artistic approach has been especially inspired by her studies with artists Julyen Hamilton, Joan Skinner and Stephanie Skura and her training with Steve Paxton, Deborah Hay, Lisa Nelson, Simone Forti, Rosemary Butcher and double-bass player Barre Phillips. Her training in martial arts, ki-practice and experiential anatomy expanded and refined her understanding and approach of the moving body.


Bettina’s performance work spans the range from solo, duets and group pieces to site-specific work and lecture performances. Her interest centers around the poetry and narratives which unfold in the interplay between dance, live music and language revealing aspects of our human condition and interdependence. 

Her artistic work has been presented in the Netherlands, France, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Spain, Greece, Italy, Czech Republic, Slovakia, the UK and Paraguay.


 Bettina Neuhaus in The WORKS – Making and Performing (2021) with Julyen Hamilton

photo: Patrick Beelaert

Recent performances include: The Page with Roberta Legros Stepankova and sound artist Matthieu Legros (Brno / Amsterdam 2022-23); Triune Heart with Gianna Grünig and Maya M. Carroll (Bern, Poschiavo, Basel, Luzern 2019-22); The Far Side with Ursula Sabatin, Gianna Grünig, Roberta Stepankova (Berlin / Brno 2019-22); cumulUS with Akemi Nagao (Berlin 2018-2020); MESH a participatory choreography for 10 dancers in public spaces by Vanessa Grasse (UK / South Korea 2017-2019); and Vapour Sketches with Eva Karczag (Huy 2018).


In the past 20 years Bettina has participated in numerous research projects and conferences in Europe that investigate real time composition as a way of making improvised pieces. With an increasing interest in human ecology she has developed a movement practice in natural environments that she shares since 2010 through projects and special workshops in Europe. 


Bettina teaches instant composition and SRT at major dance and art colleges and in studios as well as to musicians, designers and non-professional dancers throughout Europe and South America. In her teaching she shares her love and fascination for the dancing body and its ability to create, transform and speak with physicality, imagination and wisdom. 


For further information see Bettina Neuhaus’s website 

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