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Along the Lines lecture/performance, Body IQ, Berlin, 2019

Photo: Susan Sentler

Along the Lines
A lecture/performance by Eva Karczag & Bettina Neuhaus

As Independent Dance Artists, not linked to a specific institution, our interest is in bringing into existence our histories of encounters and insights to shed light on a particular moment in the history of dance as seen through our very personal experiences and viewpoints. 

In the lecture/performance Along the Lines, material is presented as a 3-dimensional spatial map of artists, methodologies, concepts and circumstances. It reflects the manner in which we work together as dance makers, performers and educators and forms a web of people and ideas we have encountered during our lifetimes as professional dance artists.

The web we create encompasses writings, interviews, photographs, audio recordings, videos and personal memories by and about practitioners we know and with whom we have studied and/or danced.  They concretize different situations in our past – each being a key to a specific memory or story. 


Our own work is propelled by an attitude that seeks an engagement with change and with the desire to let work evolve. Our practice as working artists is embedded in the interconnected and reciprocal exchange of knowledge, skills, and inspiration. 


Along the Lines lecture/performance, Hochschule für Musik und Tanz Köln, 2018
Photo: Margherita Dello Sbarba

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