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The Unknown


not known or familiar; unexplored, 

uncharted, unmapped, untraveled, 

undiscovered, unfamiliar, new, novel,

strange, uncertain; undisclosed,  

unrevealed, secret; undetermined, 

undecided, unresolved, unsettled, 

unsure, unascertained, unidentified, unheard of, anonymous, unnamed,

hidden, obscure, unrecognized; unsung, overlooked, unheralded; mystery, uncertainty, ambiguity, variable.

Discovering new lands-Andre Gide copy.jpg



"…. the creative act is always spontaneous in the very second of its action. 

We are always improvising by the very nature of action and decision." 


Galina Borissova speaking with Julyen Hamilton


“Improvisation: so easy / so difficult depending on which angle you’re looking from. Actually, it is neither, for those who engage in it. All angles converge on the present moment, touching and then, radiating from center and out into time, becoming song.”

Sounding the Full Circle - Malcolm Goldstein

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