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Some Independent Dance Artists who are now well-known dancer-choreographers, a few with their own companies, started out small and unknown.


This list includes some of the many who have impacted our artistic practice:

Simone Forti

Seeing Hearing Peter Van Riper/Simone Forti, c. 1992

Simone Crawl, 1970s

Simone Forti: Standing on Gold -- work in progress

Moments. Artist Talk with Simone Forti

Steve Paxton and Simone Forti: In Conversation

Preparatory Watching - Simone Forti: Song of the Vowels 2012

Virtual Studio Visits: Klaus Biesenbach in Conversation with Simone Forti (2021)

Reina Sofía - Simone Forti - Dance Constructions

Simone Forti Huddle NYC High Line 2 (2012)

Forti on All Fours - a talk with Simone Forti

Steve Paxton

Steve Paxton about dancing

Steve Paxton - Documentaire Danse Contact Improvisation

StevePaxton Solo Dance Performance at CI25

Steve Paxton : Material for the spine - DVDrom Trailer

Small dance Steve Paxton

Steve Paxton at CI36 Juniata College, discussing Magnesium and how he came to create it.

Steve Paxton. Interview. Part 2 talking about Contact Improvisation

Trisha Brown

Watermotor, filmmaker Babette Mangolte (1978)

Vue sur les marches - Trisha Brown

Trisha Brown Dance Company 

Trisha Brown Drawing/Performance

Trisha Brown Informance – SRS - Jacob's Pillow Dance 1986

Talking Dance: Trisha Brown (2002)

Trisha Brown: "M.O." (1996) - Choreography to Bach's Musical Offering (1/3)

A Farewell to Trisha Brown - Wendy Perron

The Visionary: Trisha Brown Redefined Dance With Wit and Daring - Deborah Jowitt

Learning from Line Up - Lisa Kraus

Choice/Form in Trisha Brown's Locus: A View from Inside the Cube - Mona Sulzman

Deborah Hay

Deborah Hay Dance Company

Deborah Hay's Solo (excerpt from the DVD series, 9 evenings: theatre & engineering)

Deborah Hay: The Man Who Grew Common in Wisdom (1987)

An Interview with Deborah Hay - Up Until Now

Deborah Hay in Conversation with Neil Baldwin on Figure a Sea and other works

Deborah Hay - Using The Sky - Artist Talk Part 1

Dancers Discuss Working with Deborah Hay

Lisa Nelson

Lisa Nelson - Contredanse

LisaNelson - Conversations in Vermont Text Anthology

Lisa Nelson in conversation with Nita Little

Moving Viewers: An Interview With Lisa Nelson | February 15-2008

Lisa Nelson - Vídeo 1

Sporádes 2019 | Lisa Nelson

Rosemary Butcher

Rosemary Butcher

embedded_vlogger:@ Choreoroam: interview Rosemary Butcher, London

Pause and Loss - Rosemary Butcher - 1976

Imprints - Rosemary Butcher - 1983

Flying Lines - Rosemary Butcher - 1986

Body as Site Film - Rosemary Butcher - 1993

Scan - Rosemary Butcher - 2000

Undercurrent - Rosemary Butcher - 2001

White - Munich - Rosemary Butcher - 2003

Julyen Hamilton

Julyen Hamilton

Barre Phillips / Julyen Hamilton : in The Studio, Fontcoberta, Spain August 2016

Julyen Hamilton -Dancing at an age 2014

Julyen Hamilton Improv Dancer 1993

SUITE WAY NYC nov9 2000 Wash Chrch

INTERVIEW - by Julyen Hamilton

About Performance and the Making of Improvised Pieces

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